09 October 2019 News

How to Grow Pears in Moldova. In the Orchard of Famer Mihai Gorgos

How to Grow Pears in Moldova. In the Orchard of Famer Mihai Gorgos

Pears are one of the favorite fruits of the fall. Sweet, juicy, aromatic and very healthy, they are an ideal source of nutrients this time of year. They are considered related to apples because they belong to the same family, have approximately the same ripening period and contain the same vitamins and minerals.

In the village of Bacioi, there is an orchard, which belongs to Mihai Gorgos (DDD Gorgos LLC). It is located on a slope with an area of ​​4.5 hectares. The trees are quite small, but rich in fruits of local varieties: Sentyabrskii, Oktyabrskii și RX. They were grafted on pears or quince. Fruits are of medium and large size, fragrant and very sweet, they are harvested from October to early November. The garden is 7 years old, but the trees began to bear fruit only two years ago.

In the process of cultivation, composted waste was used as fertilizer, irrigation was carried out manually, but in general growing pears is not very demanding, it is a fairly stable crop and less vulnerable to disease.

In addition to the pear orchard, Mihai Gorgos also owns a 15 hectare plum orchard (varieties: Stanley and Kabardinskaya) and a special storage facility used for drying. Next year, he intends to purchase equipment for drying pears.

Like many other Moldovan farmers, the main problem he faces is the lack of manpower (especially during harvest) and of the possibility to sell his products.

We recommend you to visit the orchard of Mihai Gorgos, because, because despite the dwarf trees, the fruits are really tasty, and in full season it would be great to benefit of their useful properties, especially since they contain very few calories.