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Drumul Fructelor (Pick Your Own Fruits) is an innovative concept for the Republic of Moldova, an initiative aimed at developing a new distribution channel for local farmers, as well as to develop agricultural tourism. This practice that provides people access to farmer’s plantations, has already been used successfully in various regions of the world. Visitors have the opportunity to pick their own fruits and pay for them directly to the farmer. This is a pleasant experience for the whole family which also promotes a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of this initiative is to create a communication bridge between consumers and producers, thereby providing the latter a little support.


Pick Up Your Own Fruits

Everyone, whether he is a citizen of Moldova or a foreigner, will get personally in contact with local agricultural producers to agree to a possible visit. During these visits, consumers have the opportunity to get to know the farmer, learn the story of his business, which varieties are grown, how are they processed, what are the best ways to consume and store them. This process eliminates any suspicions because people pick their own fruits and vegetables, a guarantee that the products are fresh and natural.

Rules of conduct on the plantations:

- carefully follow the farmer's instructions;
- do not enter plantations or groves without permission;
- do not tear the leaves and the twigs;
- pick only the ripe fruits.


This calendar was made to facilitate access to local agricultural producers. It contains the approximative ripening (harvest) period of all the available fruits or vegetables, as well as data on farmers available to receive visitors. Each company or farm has its own page, which contains the location of the garden or plantation, as well as contact details. Eventual visitors should discuss individually with the producers the details (time and day) of the visit. It’s not allowed to visit plantations without prior agreement with the farmers.

Group Tours

Group Tours
Group Tours

For those who want to organize group tours, thus encouraging the development of agritourism in Moldova, some farmers offer a series of additional services. In certain cases, besides picking fruits and vegetables, visitors will have the opportunity to try local dishes, relax in nature, take part in agricultural activities and learn more about local traditions. We ask the organizers of the tours to contact team in order to coordinate all the details of the visit and facilitate the contact between them and the farmers.

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